Xwhite® VISIBLE single sachet

Xwhite®VISIBLE single sachet – mini pack, single pack of 2 strips

A beautiful and shiny white smile affects on your environment, which means if you have a whiter smile that people notice you more.

Taking care of dental health and maintaining of tooth hygiene are the basic habits without which we do not end or start the day, which, along with eating habits, are one of the most important factors that depend on the result of whitening treatment.

There is nothing on the market to maintain white teeth, except Xwhite mini pack!

After you achieve the desired whitening of the teeth to maintain your white smile we suggest using mini pack (Xwhite®VISIBLE single sachet) every few months.

For prolonged bleaching effect we advise you to avoid using cigarettes, consuming food and drinks strong colors (red wine, coffee).

What is mini packing for?

  • To maintain a white smile after a whitening treatment (10-20 mini pack)* – For prolonged bleaching effect by regular maintenance every few months, when you notice the whitening loss. To remove stain on your teeth caused by consumption of food and beverages, once a quarter. To further brighten and refresh your teeth.  *every 5-10 days in a row
  • After orthodontics, removal the teeth braces (10-20 mini pack)*– Perfect way of removing stains caused by wearing fixed teeth braces. *every 5-10 days in a row, immediately after removing dental braces
  • After removal dental plaque (8-14 mini pack)* – Ideal for further brighten your teeth after removal dental plaque, for faster and better performance. *every 4-7 days in a row, immediately after removal dental plaque
  • Before professional whitening in the clinic (10 mini pack)* – Preparing for professional whitening in the clinic, to achieve a better effect of professional whitening. When you whitening your teeth for the first time (first test).  *every day, 5 days in a row, before professional whitening


Package Contents:

Xwhite® VISIBLE single sachet – single pack containing 2 dissolving whitening strips. They are purchased individually and as needed to maintain a white smile.

  • mini pakiranje od 2 trakice
  • 20 minuta dnevno
  • patentirana formula
  • sigurne za caklinu
  • no-slip tehnologija