Xwhite® VISIBLE dissolving teeth whitening strips

Xwhite® VISIBLE dissolving teeth whitening strips are the latest methods of teeth whitening. The strips are small,  transparencies containing hydrogen peroxide and which, in contact with the slag, dissolve and convert into active gel, thus bleaching not only the surface of the tooth but also the interiors. During the process of teeth whitening, active oxygen penetrates into the enamel where it binds to the pigment compounds and decompose by the oxidation process and thus changes the tooth color to lighter. Until now this is the simplest way to whiten teeth and it is completely safe for your teeth and dental enamel.

Xwhite® VISIBLE teeth whitening strips have menthol flavor and are developed by UK dentists.

The complete teeth whitening solution!

  • Visible results after 4 days
  • Each strip has the exact amount of mint flavoured whitening gel that you need to perfectly whiten your teeth
  • The strips mould easily to the shape of your teeth making it the most comfortable form of whitening treatment available
  • Our advanced patented whitening formula uses the safest whitening ingredients to help keep your teeth healthy and white

Simple, effective and safe whitening!

Strips contain the optimum amount of whitening gel to simply, safely, and effectively, whiten your teeth.

With a unique gentle whitening formula that helps to limit tooth sensitivity, these enamel-safe professional whitening strips are designed to follow the contour of your teeth, enabling you to safely and comfortably achieve whiter teeth by applying the strips for 20 minutes a day.

  • Enamel safe
  • Advanced Seal Strips with Non-Slip Technology
  • Patented Formulation for better whitening
  • Developed and formulated by dentists

Instructions for use:

Strips apply to the teeth for 14 days, 20 minutes twice a day. Also can be used 28 days  1x daily (monthly supply).

1. Step – Remove the strip from its individual packaging. Moisten teeth with tongue. Apply one strip (either side) to lower teeth, avoiding gumline.

2. Step – Fold excess strip behind teeth. Strip will adhere to teeth. Repeat for upper teeth.

3. Step – Allow the strips dissolve and then rinse your mouth with water to remove the remaining whitening gel. The strips should be fully dissolved after approximately 20 minutes.

Important! Do not brush your teeth before or immediately after use strips. If you brush your teeth, wait at least 30 minutes. To avoid cons effect, after teeth whitening it is not recommended to consume food, colored and carbonated drinks (coffee, red wine), as well as cigarettes.

Maintaining your brilliant smile

As with all whitening treatments you will need to repeat the whitening process in the future to maintain your white smile. Repeat courses can be done every 3-12 months depends on treatment.

After you achieve the desired whitening of the teeth to maintain your white smile we suggest using 10-20 Xwhite®VISIBLE single sachets (every 5-10 days in a row) every few months.

What is the best way to whiten your teeth ?

You want a simple, painless, safe and effective treatment that will give you great results – teeth whitening strips are your best choice.

Whitening strips are easy to use , and also offer the most comfortable whitening treatment available. The product was developed by a  dentists and is used around the world.

10 benefits of using Xwhite® teeth whitening strips

  1. The most cost effective form of teeth whitening.
  2. Most comfortable form of whitening – especially helpful for people with sensitive gag reflex.
  3. Foolproof – the optimum amount of whitening gel is already applied to each whitening strips. This stops users applying to much whitening gel (as is often the case with trays) which can lead to sensitivity.
  4. No mess – the strips are can be easily applied with minimal mess.
  5. Whiten on the go – the strips can be used anywhere and you can even whiten on the go.
  6. Great for topping up – you can use two or three strips on a monthly basis to top-up your smile.
  7. Short application times.
  8. Non-slip technology means the strips stay comfortably in place.
  9. Formulated by dentists, the advanced whitening formula uses the safest whitening ingredients to help keep your teeth healthy and white.
  10. Start seeing results after typically only 4-8 applications!

  • 20 minutes a day
  • Patented formulation
  • Enamel safe
  • No-slip technology